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The Paradox of the Stuffed Crocodile


Alfred Jarry

Gerhard Munthe

Sigbjørn Obstfelder

Erik Satie

Henri Rousseau

William Hogarth

5 June–5 july 2020

Opening: 5 June, 7 pm

We are rarley free, the greater part of the time we live outside ourselves, hardly perceiving anything of ourselves but our own ghost, a colorless shadow which pure duration projects into homogeneous space. Hence [...] we live for the external world rather than for ourselves; we speak rather than think, we 'are acted’ rather than act ourselves. To act freely is to recover possession of oneself, and to get back into pure duration.

Henri Bergson (excerpt from: Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness, 1889).



Andrea Tippel

Georges Rouault

Boris Vian

Alfred Jarry

Enrico Baj

Mats B.

Pierre Bonnard

Svallaug Svalastoga

Arild Nyquist

Gerhard Munthe

Franciszka Themerson

10 January30 May 2020

Opening: 10 January, 7 pm

It takes a minute to count a minute
and the time spent counting doesn’t count.

Stefan Themerson (1960)